As Karl-Heinz Martin started to manufacture ballet shoes in 1964, he only had one vision: to offer dancers the best possible basis for a perfect performance. The word performance should not only stand for the artistic act itself but also for an outstanding accomplishment. He created the pointe shoe “Eva”, which conquered the market within a very short time and is still danced with by the professional dancers of great ballet and opera houses all over the world.

In 2004 and 2005, the company “Karl-Heinz Martin Klassische Ballettschuhe GmbH” was taken over by Michaela Martin, the daughter of the founder, following his principals. With this background, she further enhanced the representation of the company and stated her mission as follows:

“We are highly qualified manufacturers of ballet shoes for ambitious dancers – from beginners, advanced dancers to professionals. Our products meet the highest demands on quality, functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics.

With their unique material, made exclusively of natural products, the Karl-Heinz Martin Ballet pointe shoes offer dancers the greatest possible comfort. We prepare our products according to requirements and create thereby the basis for optimal freedom of movement.
A further special requirement applies to our young dancers, at the beginning of their careers or those who are already advanced. The excellent fit, the exact production of the toe section, the biological methods of manufacture are appreciated by our young dancers where it is most important – in the health of their feet and legs.”

In 2006, Mrs Martin transferred the manufacturing and distribution to Sansha Europa which will continue the manufacturing tradition in the heart of Europe, in Hungary, near the Balaton lake. Sansha is one of the top manufacturers of dancewear and dance shoes.

Mr Franck Raoul-Duval, CEO of Sansha, is proud to carry on the heritage of traditional European pointe-shoe making.